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the investigation in this case. i just signed criminal complaints charging ariel castro with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. the signed criminal complaints are first-degree felonies. the defendant will be arraigned tomorrow morning in cleveland municipal court and his case transferred over to the cuyohoga county court of common pleas. the cuyohoga county prosecutor's office will then proceed with the prosecution of these criminal cases. this case will proceed to the cuyohoga county grand jury at which time i expect will result in indictments on these charges and may result in additional counts. as it relates to pedro and onil castro no charges will be filed against these two individuals at this time. there is no evidence that these two individuals had any involvement in the commission of the crimes committed against michele, gina, amanda, and the minor child. however, both of them do have outstanding cleveland municipal court warrants for misdemeanor cases. these misdemeanor cases for pedro and onil will both be heard tomorrow morning in cleveland municipal court. fin
. one lived in the home where they were found. ariel castro o a former bus driver. the short time ago the police spoke about the suspect, listen to this. >> the three young ladies were taken to metro hospital where they were treated by the hospital staff there. currently we have the three brothers that are under arrest. ages 50, 52, and 54. they are being held in the in t awaiting charms. that charging with come probably within the next 36 hours. >> now the phone is sharon. she's a reporter with wky c in cleveland. sara i know you've covered the story a long time along with your colleagues. a pretty dramatic day. >> absolutely. we are all still shaking our heads in disbelief. our phones have not shop ringing. really a miracle here in cleveland tonight. >> in terms of what we know right now, these three brothers are in custody. we know the one is castro. we assume the other two are also called castro. what do we know about it? >> are they all expected to being in the plot to keep these women in the house. >> at this point we don't know much. police are not confirming any information ab
are not confirming any information about the suspect. we do know that ariel castro was the homeowner of the house where these three women were found this afternoon. they did get search warrants and continued to search into the evening at the home. we'll expect to hear much more about that at tomorrow morning's press conference. >> you've spoken tonight to ariel castro's son whose first name is ariel. you cleared up a little bit of a mystery about the article that was written a few years about the disappearance of gina. tell me about that. >> a local newspaper here, written by ariel castro was certainly circulating online. piers as you know, the name and the idea of the suspect in this case having written an article about this gina's disappearance has really gotten everyone's attention. so i actually found ariel, who goes by anthony on facebook, if he can confirm that he wrote the article. i spoke with the editor of the plain press at this time and he was in 2004 and he confirmed that ariel was a college student at the time and did the article as part of a class assignment. anthony castro said yes
. but we also look at the simple fact that this ariel castro, what he did in his own mind, even though he was a sexual sadist that, was his own little dysfunctional family that he put together and probably convinced these women that they needed him to survive but even worse, convince himself that they wanted to be there and that he created a family that he couldn't never have before he failed at another family and therefore he was totally omnipotent and in control of this particular family. everything under his own terms. >> all right. we're going to have much more on where his situation stands, read his miranda rights today. apparently even after that was talking to law enforcement officials one of whom tells cnn that this is a slam dunk case. they don't think it will go to trial. we don't know the status of the brothers though. thank you very much. tonight, two of the women are back with their families. amanda berry walked into her sister's home this morning to the tears cheers of hundreds of neighbors. several hours later gina dejesus arrived home at the home she grew up as a child. we
at this. these are the pictures from the city of cleveland. you have ariel castro, the homeowner, and his two brothers, pedro castro and oneil castro. each man at least 50 years of age. but the headline of this moment is just the sheer joy of loved ones, thought to be dead, now back where they belong, home. want to show you now a family reunion unlike any other we have seen. this is amanda berry in the center, the young girl in the bed is believed to be her young daughter. and on the other side of berry, her sister beth, who has not only seen berry, it has been more than nine years, that's because berry is one of these three women, allegedly in prisoned in this home here in cleveland on seymour avenue, about 15 miles from downtown. and it is just three to four miles if where all of the women initially went missing so many years ago. berry was just about to turn 17 when she up and disappeared. that was back in 2003. also, gina dejesus was 14 when she vanished in 2004 and michele knight was 20 when a loved one reported her missing in 2002. and then yesterday, berry made the move that turned
ariel castro de origen de puerto rico y tambiÉn estÁn arrestados sus hermanos pedro y castro, la fiscalÍa no presenta cargos aÚn. >>> rindieron homenaje pÓstumo a las maestras asesinada en newton. >>> el estallido en mÉxico un camiÓn de gas estallo, hay mÁs de 20 heridos y damnificados comenzamos ♪ este es su noticiero univisiÓn con jorge ramos y marÍa elena salinas ♪ ¿quÉ tal? muy buenas noches, la poblaciÓn de ohio no sale de su asombro, 3 jÓvenes que estaban desaparecidas alrededor de diez aÑos aparecieron, lograron escapar de una casa, hoy estÁn con su familias y estÁn tras las rejas 3 hombres en relaciones a su secuestro, iniciamos esta cobertura de esta extraordinaria historia de supervivencia con viviana. >>> muy buenas tardes, hay expectativa de familiares amigos y personas de la comunidad que se han acercado a la casas de las 3 vÍctimas una de ellas ella a quiÉn esperan aquÍ con los brazos abierto. >>> la casa de jesÚs estÁ inundada de menos ejes de bienvenidas el reencuentro con la joven en el hospital donde recibÍa atenciÓn mÉdica fue emotivo
of horrors. the fbi began searching the home and the property of 52-year-old ariel castro today as investigators tried to determine how three women were allegedly held captive there for almost a decade. each of them living there unnoticed to neighbors, just miles from where they disappeared. we're going to take a closer look at this neighborhood later in the show and give you a real sense of what it's like there. michelle knight went missing in august of 2002. at the time she was 20 or 21 years old. amanda berry disappeared then in april 2003 when she was 16. and gina dejesus vanished in april 2004 at the age of 14. all three reuniting with families tonight after their dramatic rescue unfolded yesterday. coming up, we're going to talk to one of those family members, who saw her niece for the first time in nine years. meanwhile, investigators are focusing on the owner of the home where the women were found. >> at this point i can confirm that we have no indications, any of the neighbors, bystanders, witnesses, or anyone else has ever called regarding any information regarding act
in this case. regarding this case, i just find criminal complaints charging ariel castro with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. these are first degree felonies. defendant will be a reigned tomorrow morning in cleveland municipal court and his case will be transferred over to the court. the prosecutor's office will then proceed with the prosecution of these criminal cases. this case will proceed to the grand jury chat time i expect will result in indictments on these charges and may result in additional counts. as it release to pedro and onil no charges will be filed at this time. there is no evidence that these two individuals had any involvement in the commission of the crimes committed against michelle, gina, amanda and the minor child. however, both of them, too, have cleveland municipal courts for misdemeanor cases. dismiss misdemeanor cases will both be heard in cleveland municipal court. >> finally as the chief prosecutor for the city of cleveland born and raised in puerto rico, i want everyone to know that the actual defendant in this criminal case are not a refle
is the homeowner, ariel castro. charges are expected to be filed any time now. neighbor after neighbor claiming to be dumb founded over these events, say they never suspected anything was wrong inside that house for the most part. the initial reports i brought you are the first we're hearing that there was any sort of suspicion. and then came late yesterday afternoon when a neighbor eating mcdonald's's heard amanda berry's cries for help. they struggled to on the part door -- to open the door that held her captive for so many years. finally amanda was free. the now 27-year-old woman and a mother to a 6-year-old, choking bacterias as shback tears as shc call to 9-1-1. >> help me. i'm amanda berry. >> you need police, fire, or ambulance. what's going on there? >> i've been kidnapped and i've been missing for ten years and i'm here, i'm free now. >> okay. what's your address? >> 2207 seymour avenue. >> 2207? it looks like you're calling me from 2210. it looks like you're calling me from 2210. >> i can't hear you. >> it looks like you're calling me from 2210 seymour. i'm crew across the street. >>
, i mean like -- >> who is the guy -- who is the guy who went out? >> his name is ariel castro. >> how old is he? >> he's like 52. >> all right. >> i'm amanda berry. i've been on the news for the last ten years. >> i see this girl going nuts trying to get out of a house. i go on the porch. she says help me get out. i've been in here a long time. >> reporter: the scene a surprise for neighbors who never suspected a thing. >> all you saw was guys running and pulling and out comes this woman and a kid, and she's screaming hysterically. >> about five minutes after the police got here, see, the girl amanda told the police, i ain't just the only one. it's some more girls up in that house. >> reporter: still in the house were gina dejesus who disappeared in 2004 at just 14 and michele knight missing since 2002. for more than a decade police searched for them but turned up nothing. >> for amanda's family, for gina's family, for michele's family, prayers have finally been answered. the nightmare is over. >> reporter: family and friends rushed to the hospital. robert osorio is dejesus' cousin. >
. there is question as to whether ariel castro and all three brothers will be charged with kidnapping and rape or perhaps one of the brothers charged with one set of charges and the other two a completely different set. we are expecting that to happen sometime before 6:00 this afternoon. >> what more do we know about where the women are now? we do have a shot of amanda berry's sister's home where we believe amanda berry is inside. what do we know about where the women are now? >> reporter: at last check all three women were being held in private locations. you mentioned the outpouring of love and support at amanda berry's house. we should note here this afternoon about 2:00 we are told there will also be a prayer vigil for all three of the young women. >> let's talk more about the brothers. you have been on the beat of uncovering new details about the castro brothers. here is what one of the relatives said this morning. >> reporter: is there anything that stands out to you now as being suspicious or anything that should have raised red flags? >> no. absolutely not. they always sape hind sight
janelle. what we can tell you tonight is ariel castro has been charged with three counts of rape and four counts of kidnapping. that is one for each of the women plus the daughter of amanda berry. e he has waived his miranda rights and given investigators a detailed statement. >> gina dehay sus arriving among cheers after a decade in custody. >> i still pinch myself. i know she's there and i know she's going to be there. >> reporter: earlier in the day amanda berry and berry's six-year-old daughter arrived at her sirs's home. >> we are are so happy to have amanda and her daughter home. i want to thank the media for their support over the years. >> they're finally home and thank good that they're alive. >> reporter: the third victim, michelle knight remains in treatment. late today authorities announced formal charges against ariel castro with no charges being filed against his brothers. >> i just signed criminal complaints charging ariel castro with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. an fbi behavioral list is on scene and interviews with the women have begin. gina dehay i
a cleveland home. 52-year-old ariel castro was charged late this afternoon with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. no charges were filed against either of his brothers, who were arrested with him monday night. cleveland police now say there is no evidence that leads them to believe the brothers were involved or even had any knowledge that ariel castro was holding the women captive in his home. police said today the women are only known to have been outside twice. >> the evidence we've obtained thus far in the case that in the last decade they've only known themselves to be outside the home on two separate occasions. >> we were told that they left the house and went into the garage in disguise, so those are the two times that were mentioned or that they can recall. >> so they never left the property? >> no. >> as we're learning more about the horrific conditions these three women were held under, we're also learning more about the suspect in the case, ariel castro. every new detail we learn about his life, given what we now know he's expected of doing is being seen underst
right now. she is saying that the male is ariel castro, 52-year-old hispanic male that lives at 2207 seymour and he has been holding her here for ten years. >> how about the others in the house? >> 7266. >> george ina davies might be in the house also. >> we found them. we found them. >> we have a female with a young child with her. >> okay. make it two. we also have a michelle knight in the house. i don't know if you want to look that up in the system. 32 years old. >> also tonight, this video shot today, the cleveland justice center of ariel castro, owner of the house charged today with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. police say they will not charge his brothers in the case. there are also many new details tonight about what was found inside that house right over there, inside castro's house. and what the last ten years were like for amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight. today also had so much needed joy in it. two of the women, berry and dejesus went home. we are joined with more on how all three women are doing. you're learning new details of what th
time. this is the new news today. ariel castro older brother pedro and younger brother o'neil will be charged today. by law they have to be charged within 48-hours of being arrested. they will be questioned as well. michelle knight she is the one we haven't heard a lot about. she is one of the three girls allegedly trapped in this house behind me. 30 years old now. we have her picture. her yearbook photos trapped here. when these girls were taken 10, 11 years ago. there was no facebook. there was no twitter. they are returning now to a very different world. they left as teenagers they are coming back as adults. one of them coming back as a mother. like you said in the intro some of these girls might have been pregnant multiple times according to police. we have a conversation, the first conversation amanda berry had talking to her grandmother. her mother died three years after she was trapped in this house behind me. this is the first conversation in ten years she is had with her father. >> i didn't think she was dead, no. never. never. we got a hole lot of talking. keep
to the captors, we don't know at this particular time. there are neighbors who say in the case of ariel castro, he occasionally was seen walking the streets with a young child. neighbors would ask him, who is the kid here? and his response was that is the daughter of my girlfriend. apparently never went beyond that, but it is a startling thought to think it's so brazen he might walk around with maybe one of the children of his abductees. >> there are no words. stick around. we're going to bring in mark class. he has focused his efforts on protecting children after his own 12-year-old daughter was kidnapped and murdered. he joins me now from san francisco. thank you for being with us this morning. >> my pleasure, carol. >> where do i start? as you sit back and watch this story develop, what goes through your mind? you work with so many victims. >> there are so many victims and we can't forget these girls and these women are as are their families and they will suffer from that victimization for years to come. it's not a clear road. there's going to a path to recove recovery. >> ab absolutely. yo
charges. but we do expect that the 52-year-old ariel castro, again, the allege ed mastermind, if yo will, alleged ring leader, he's be charged with kidnapping and rape. a few minutes ago we did just get a copy of the police department. we have not had a chance to sift through that report. in that report we're also expecting to get more details about precisely how these three women were captured, how they managed -- how the three men managed to keep them inside that house. essentially off the grid for a decade. and we also should hear a little bit more about unfortunately some of the grisly details. grisly details about what went on inside the house. chris, one more thing. i want to call your attention to this first house behind me. the investigation here had been centered on that third house. that's where the three women were being held. all the sudden about an hour and a half ago we started seeing the fbi's evidence response team go in and out of this first house. we saw a k-9 dog. the evidence response team, they were wearing those white clean suits as well. we haven't seen them bring
hubo algÚn tipo de falla. >>> muchas gracias, los vecinos de ariel castro el dueÑo de la casa donde estuvieron cautiva las jÓvenes lo describen como una persona normal, pero al excavar mÁs en su vida la informaciÓn resulta hinque tanto vamos a ver el * pasado del hombre arrestado. >>> ariel castro quiÉn mantuvo por casi una dÉcada secuestradas a 3 mujeres en su casa en cleveland tiene un pasado oscuro en 1993 fue acusado de violencia domÉstica castro golpeo a lo que era su esposa, le rompiÓ varias costillas la nariz y un diente, fue tan violenta la paliza que a la mujer se le formÓ un coÁgulo de sangre en el cerebro, castro perdiÓ la custodia de sus hijos en facebook decÍa tener 3 hijos y 5 nietos la hija fue condenada a 5 aÑos de cÁrcel por apuÑalar a su hija, su hijo antonio se avergÜenza de su padre, recuerda que Él tenÍa varias puertas con candado habÍa sido chofer de un autobÚs escolar, fue despedido cuando dejan niÑo olvidado. >>> vecinos dicen que Él asistÓo a una vigilia organizada para recordar a dos de su vÍctima incluso abrazÓ la madre de una de el
responsible, 52-year-old ariel castro owned the home. he was arrested along with his two brothers, pedro and ono. all three are awaiting charges. >> not in my worst nightmare would i have imagined that my brother-in-laws would be involved in something like this. >> reporter: family and neighbors of the prime suspect ariel castro are shocked by the news. they describe him as a relatively normal guy, a local musician with a love of motorcycles. >> i thought he was a nice guy. he was loving to all the kids in the neighborhood. he was nice to me since i was 5 years old. never had any kind of suspicions. >> reporter: he has a facebook page that was updated just last week with a bizarre posting for a man in his position. miracles really do happen, god is good. today we learn that castro's own daughter was friends with one of the girls he's accused of abducting. gina dejesus. and she told "america's most wanted" she was the last to see gina. >> my mom said no, i can't go over to her house. and so i told her i couldn't. and she said well, okay, i'll talk to you later. >> reporter: investigators
in america and around the globe. prosecutors in cleveland, ohio say they have charged ariel castro with four counts of kidnapping and three rape. theirere stolen from homes as teenagers, but two of the women are back with their families. they were greeted by their families, well-wishers, and reporters. laura is in cleveland. we learned quite a bit more from that press conference. did. we learned the three brothers who have been held in this facility behind me, we learned to of the brothers, no charges have been brought against them at this time, but this is what the prosecutor had to say about the chargerss that are going toe brought against aerial castro. >> i just filed criminal complaints with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. .hese are first-degree felonies >> of very emotional day in cleveland. it was a day to come home. gina came home and so, too, did who was captured on the eve of her 17th birthday and gave birth to a daughter in captivity. when sheas captured was just 14 years old. >> at 10 years after she disappeared, amanda berry is home. she and her daughter born
. >> i just signed criminal complaints charging ariel castro. >> four kidnapped victims are gina, amanda, michelle, and the young child. and the victims of the rape are gina, amanda, and michelle. >> ten years inside the house. what an amazing story. joining me now live from the scene is msnbc's craig melvin. craig? >> craig, tell us what you can tell -- what have we learned today? it's been an eventful day. what have we learned down there today? >> reporter: we've been sifting through this police report. it's about a dozen pages, reverend al. i'm going to read a snippet from this for our viewers at home. this details what was going on inside the two-story house of horrors behind me for the past decade. this is based on the three initial conversations with the women being held captive as told to police earlier today. they told us how the arrested male ariel castro was able to get them into his vehicle initially. victim one, michelle, said that she was in the area of west 106th street when ariel offered her a ride home and took her to his house. amanda berry walking home from the burger k
driver ariel castro and his two brothers were arrested. some neighbors say they're shocked by what happened. others say they called police in recent years. and in one instance, seeing a naked woman in the backyard. the f.b.i. is searching the house, as i said, right now, for evidence. police chief says it will probably be a few more days until the investigation inside the house is complete. it is an incredibly emotional time, obviously, for the families and friends of these three women. for the first time in three years, amanda berry was able to call her grandmother in tennessee. i want to play you a little bit of that call from wjhl. >> hello? >> amanda. >> yes, grandma. >> how are you? >> i'm fine. >> i'm glad to have you back. >> i thought you were gone. >> nope, i'm here. >> thank you so much. i love you so much. >> the little girl is your baby? >> yes, she is my daughter. born on christmas. >> we've got to get together soon. >> i have a little girl and she wants to meet you. >> i love you, honey. >> i love you, too. >> i've thought about you all this time. i never forgot you.
's what we have now. now, three suspects, former school bus driver, ariel castro and his two brothers are arrested, awaiting charges. they're set to be interviewed by investigators tomorrow. some neighbors say they are shocked by what happened. others say they called police after hearing things in the case. the fbi is searching the house for evidence right now. the police chief says it will be a few more days until the investigation inside the house on this block is compete. now, the amount of time that these women were missing it's simply extraordinary. hard to imagine for 9, 10, in 1 case, 11 years, families have been hoping, holding candlelight vigils, searching for these women. now that they've been found, it's amazing to see how close they were since being last season. lorraine avenue, the home they were found is just three miles away. that's how it started with their disappearance. now, we want to take a look at how it come. here's randi kaye. >> reporter: they were strangers for a decade. but they were united in fear. in 2002, michelle knight is the first to disappear. she was
now. >> who is the guy who went out? >> his name is ariel castro. >> how old is he? >> he's like 52. >> all right. >> i'm amanda berry. i've been on the news for the last ten years. >> okay, i got that here. and you said -- what was his name again? >> ariel castro. >> and is he white, black or hispanic? >> hispanic. >> what is he wearing? >> i don't know because he's not here right now. >> when he left -- when he left what was he wearing? >> i don't know. >> the police are on the way. talk to them when they get there. >> okay. >> i told you they are on the way. talk to them when they get there, all right? >> okay. >> thank you. >> buy. >> we are constantly getting new information about the three women and the three suspects. fox news correspondent rich leventhal is here with the latest. >> we know the cleveland police are investigating the conduct of that 911 operator because he should have, they said, kept that woman on the phone until police arrived on scene. we can tell you the fbi and their response team is still here. it appears that the federal agents are packing up their gear
. and a cnn exclusive. >> you moved in about a year ago, you had seen ariel castro around. >> the hero neighbor, charles ram ramsey one-on-one. a minute by minute account. i told her, go across the street and use their phone. now we both calling 911. >> this morning, cleveland attempts to heal. yellow ribbons and a heavy heart. "newsroom" starts now. >> and good morning. thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello, we begin in cleveland, where investigators could get the first glimpse into the deep, dark secrets what locals call a house of horrors. they will question the suspects today for the first time. cleveland's police chief expected charges to be filed today against homeowner ariel castro and his two brothers and could also appear in court today. we're also hearing more about conditions of the rescued women. it turns out they were wrong when they said all were released from the hospital. michele knight remains in the hospital this morning. she had wen mibeen missing the longest. she is described as weak and thin, not so eager to talk to her family. we'll hear from her
and chains inside ariel castro's home. officials believe they were used to restrain the three women. they say no human remains were found. cnn has learned that ariel castro was accused in 2005 of beating his then-wife. court documents say his wife suffered several significant injuries including a blood clot on her brain. documents also say castro repeatedly threatened to kill her and her daughter. the neighbor who helped the three women escape by knocking down the suspect's door gave an exclusive interview. charles ramsey recounted the ordeal to anderson cooper in detail. listen to this. >> you moved in about a year ago. you'd seen ariel castro around, right? >> when i moved here only because he was my neighbor, you know what i mean? >> right. what was he like? >> cool. he wasn't no freak of nature. he was like me and you because he talked about the same thing you talk about. he talk about you. you know what i mean? regular stuff, bro. >> so yesterday, what happened? >> you'll love this. i'm going to tell it all. around 3:00 i was on my porch. and the mailman put his mail in my mail. i've liv
ariel castro and his two brothers. that could come some time today, maybe this afternoon. not quite clear on that. we are getting some new information on a tangled web of allegations of abuse within the castro family especially against ariel castro from past years when he was living with the mother of his natural children. this was a woman named gramilda. this is a document from cuyahoga county. this contains several accounts of abuse. listed as the natural parent of his child, not as his spouse but natural parent of his child among the allegations of abuse against ariel castro that he broke petitioner's nose twice. that he broke her ribs. that he gave her lacerations, knocked out a tooth, gave her a blood clot on the brain and in parenthesis says inoperable tumor, dislocated shoulders once on each side, threatened to kill her and her daughters three to four times just this year. and you flip the page here and another allegation is that -- i'll read it to you, the petitioner has full custody with no visitation for the respondent and the responsibility is ariel castro. nevertheless,
claimed that police were called several times over the years to ariel castro's house after women were seened chained maked naked in the back. suspects say they too are shocked by horrible allegations and are asking for forgiveness. >> this family is suffering a great sadness to know that these girls have suffered at the hand of family members of ours. and we would certainly like to say to those three young women that we are so sorry for everything they had to endure. >> nbc news craig melvin joins us. craig, i know there is a lot of activity on the scene and we are also waiting. we are told that gina dejesus could arrive at her family's home very soon. another similar scene as we saw earlier with amanda's home with the balloon os and folks waiting for this moment. craig? >> reporter: again, we're waiting on gina dejeesdejeeenin. there is also a prayer vigil expected at any moment. formal charges are expected between new and 6 of okay. we are expecting formal charges in the case, we are hearing that kidnapping and rape will be the two most prominent charges. at this point it is unclear
in custody. all brothers including former school bus drivers ariel castro who owns the home where the women were held. the fbi says they could be charged as soon as tomorrow or thursday. authorities say they have no prior indication anything suspicious was going on inside the home but a few neighbors recall hearing yelling in recent years and in one incident a naked woman walking in the back yard. it all started late yesterday with amanda berry's panicked 911 phone call just moments after a heroic neighbor helped her break free. >> cleveland 911. do you need -- >> hello police. help me. i'm amanda berry. >> do you need police, fire, or ambulance? >> i need police. >> okay. what's going on there? >> i've been kidnapped and i've been missing for ten years and i'm here. i'm free now. >> straight to brian todd on the ground in cleveland, you spoke with the neighbor who let amanda berry into the home where the 911 call was made. what did you hear? >> wolf, a riveting account of those moments when amanda berry's freedom essentially first came to her when she got out of this house, came across the
learned that the three castro brothers, ariel, pedro and onil will be interviewed tomorrow and could be charged thursday. a jeep cherokee and pickup truck have been towed from the home on seymour avenue. now we go live to the scene. kevin, thank you for joining me. obviously, for anyone like you who has covered this for so many years, it's a quite extraordinary end to three concurrent investigations, i guess. what is the latest and let's start with the three young women. my understanding is that two of them are heading home and they're okay but the one is not in great shape. what can you tell me? >> officially, all the fbi will tell us is that they are in the custody of fbi victim specialists. there was talk -- we did learn two of them have been released from the hospital yesterday, but at this point, they won't tell us exactly where they are and investigators right now aren't even speaking with them in very much detail. they just want their mental state and their physical state, they want to focus on that before they start delving into more details. but right now, they're protecting
dueÑo de la casa lo identificaron como ariel castro. sus hermanos pedro y o'neil castro, fueron arrestados en conexiÓn con los secuestros. todos oscilan entre los 5 y 54 aÑos de edad. >>> abuelo de gina de ji sus que vive en orlando florida, recibÓo la noticia con ntimientos encontrados. >>> gracias a dios estÁ con la mamÁ y no se encuentra mal de salud. >>> las niÑas ya son mujeres, sus familiares dicen estÁn unidas como hermanas, con una fortaleza Única para emprender una nueva vida. >>> ellas han sido dada de bajas del hospital, estÁn con sus familiares. y hasta el momento, los familiares, el de gina ha dicho que qeren espacio, que quieren tipo para tratar de estar con ellas, han sido 10 aÑos perdido de sus familias que tÁn listos para rec brarls y recobrar el tiempo familiar. y probablemente hablen con nosotros los medios de comunicaciÓn, para contarnos lo que ha pasado y lo que vivieron en la Última dÉcada. esto es to todo,e mi parte regreso al estudio. >>> los detalles siguen saliendo medios de prensa locales hablan de la posibilidad de que las jovencitas fue
bus driver ariel castro and his two brothers were arrested, they are in jail awaiting charges. they're set to be interviewed by investigators tomorrow. some neighbors say they are shocked by what happens. others say they called police in recent years after hearing yelling at the house and in one case, seeing a naked woman in the backyard. the fbi is searching the house as i said for evidence right now. the police chief says it will probably be a few more days until the investigation inside the house here on this block is complete. the amount of time these women were missing is simply extraordinary. hard to imagine, for nine, ten and in one case, 11 years. three families have been hoping, holding candlelight vigils, searching for these women. now that they've been found shall it's shocking to see how close they were from where they were last seen. they disappeared in separate incidents years apart but within blocks of each other on the same street in cleveland. lorraine avenue, the home where they were found is just three miles away. that's how it started, with their disappearance. n
of ariel castro for evidence. they removed the door that berry kicked out and escaped through before calling 911 on a neighbor's phone. castro along with his brothers pedro and onil have been arrested, and remained in jail. authorities announced late today that ariel castro has given a detailed statement, and is being charged with kidnapping and rape, as for his two brothers: >> no charges will be filed against these two individuals. there is no evidence of crimes committed against gina, amanda, michelle and the minor child. >> suarez: officials said they have many questions that still need answers, and there could be more charges to come. for the latest, we turn to peter krouse. he's a reporter with the "cleveland plain dealer" newspaper, which has been closely tracking the story. peter, welcome. what do we know about this case that we didn't know this morning? i know the prosecutor and the chief investigator gave a news conference just before we went on the air this evening. did they reveal some new facts?ç >> well, they did reveal some new facts. obviously the... one of the more
of the iceberg. this investigation will take a very long time. >> the three suspects, 52-year-old ariel castro, his brothers pedro and onil behind bars, they'll face more interrogation today. authorities have 48 hours to file charges. and that window closes later tonight. in the neighborhood, residents are still celebrating the jubilance tempered with shock and disbelief. >> unreal. >> i know who lived there and they panned the camera to his house and i turned white. my wife asked me, what's wrong? are you okay? i was dumbfounded. >> away from the cameras, amanda berry, gina dejesus, and michelle knight, the three women trying to piece their shattered lives back together. >> this is a miracle. a very, very large miracle. and we're all excited. >> and in tennessee, amanda berry's grandmother got a very important phone call from the granddaughter she hasn't seen in years. >> hello? >> amanda. >> yeah, grandma. >> are you -- >> i'm fine. >> i'm glad to have you back. >> it's good to be back. >> i thought you were gone. >> nope, i'm here. >> and we're happy down here for you. >> thank you so much.
alive, in the same house. a man by the name of ariel castro, 52 years old, a bus driver, has been arrested. he is the suspect in this. amanda berry was seen by a neighbor trying to break out of the house. that neighbor, a man by the name of ramsey, charles ramsey helped her break out. she ran out of the house with a small child and dialed 9-1-1. this is the 9-1-1 call she made from amanda berry. >> help me, i'm amanda berry. >> do you need police, fire or ambulance? >> i need police. >> okay, what's going on there. >> i've been kidnapped and i've been missing for ten years and i'm here, i'm flee p free now. >> okay. about what's your address? >> i can't hear you. >> okay, stay there with those neighbors, talk to the police when they get there. >> okay. okay. okay. okay talk to the police when they get there. >> okay. hello? >> yeah, talk to the police when thigh get there. >> okay. are they here right now. >> we're going to send them as soon as we get a car open. >> all right, we're sending them, okay? >> who is the guy you're -- who's the guy went out? how old is he? >> he's like
us now. what are you learning at this point about this ariel castro? >> well, it aes really interesting. all of the neighbors that i've spoken to have basically said that they had no idea that anybody else was in the house, that his daughter would come over with his grandson. they never saw any of these women or the child. i talked to his uncle, julio castro who owns a store just at the corner of the street and right across the avenue there and, you know, he said he had never seen his nephew with any of these women. he said his nephew was a school bus driver and a musician and that everybody would tell you he was a beautiful person. if you asked them, you know, i talked to some over people that have known him for going on 20, 25 years. they're all in shock by this. though we have heard some reports from people that work with the municipal school district, where he was a bus driver, who said there was some little inklings he had something going on because he got in trouble for bringing his school bus back to the house. the details are a little sketchy. it's not usual that peo
years old, is that right? >> yes. >> now, you witnessed two years ago ariel castro, one of the three brothers who is being held, the man that owns that house, you witnessed something extraordinary in his backyard. tell me about that. >> well, me and my sister nina, we were across the street on top of a neighbor's porch and we were all just hanging out having fun and i hear my sister say look, and we look across the street and it's ariel, and he has a woman, she's naked, and she's just in the backyard, and my sister said something or he heard us, and like he like told her get down, get down, get in the house, and she like -- she was naked and he had like a mattress up, and he was like trying to disguise but he didn't know that we could still see over it, and he made her crawl on her hands and knees to get into the back and he took her to the back like of the door and that's the last time we seen her. she was just like -- she was naked and it was hard, and we didn't really think nothing of it at first, then we just thought it was weird so we like waited and just went home and told our
: the three brothers are ariel castro, 52, pedro castro, 54 and onil castro, 50. it is ariel the neighborhood knew the best. he often gave rides in his all terrain vehicle. the three women were all last seen in a five-block radius and held in castro's find about 3 miles away. the castro brother's uncle held a store. >> they might have been living two different lives. >> some thought the find was vacant, a place ariel checked on from time to time. a few were concerned. >> he wouldn't open no windows, no doors, only the attic window. >> i have had family members call the police. they've knocked down the door, nothing. >> police say they answered calls twice on the street, once before the women disappeared and if 2004 to question arrial castro about a child mistakenly left behind on his school bus. no charges were filed. >> what we have sheer a psychopath and possibly three. usually we have a ring leader when there is more than one, that would be the one who owns the find. >> it turns out the castros have ties to one of the women rescued. gina dejesus. ariel's daughter appeared in this ep seed o
tendrÁ que dar la cara ariel castro que tienen 3 cargos por violaciÓn y dicen que no habÍan poruerueb que lo vincularan, a con continuaciÓn les doy los de detalles >> las autoridades revelaron lsd os detalles de las tres jovencitas en la ulÑtÚltima decada, cuerda habÍan fueron amarradas y golpeadas y u usadas como esvlavclkavavas sexs >> vieron una seÑora desnuda g t gateando atrÁs, una de ellos la teniasmn como un aperritsa si p ropa >> una de la familia era que t estaba envuelto, que habÍa un i miembro de la familia que vivÍa dos tipos de vida que tenÍa una cara amable y un corazÓn megneho >> el dijeron que las tenÍan b habitaciones separadas pero que sabniÍan de la existencia de l o otra la unidad de caninos formo parte del cateo de la casa, bolsas con evidencias fueron extraidas del lugar y se llevaron evidencia, d dicen no tener la sospecha de la pervercidad >> no podemos creer lo que ellos le han hecho a estas muchachas pero no represdnenta a la famil castro, nosotros somos una f familia buena en la comunidad >> miguel que tocaba con ariel c castro es otro de los s
're on the west side of cleveland now in the same neighborhood that ariel castro lives, the man accused of kidnapping these three women and holding them hostage for the last ten years. many of these houses were built the same around the same period and have similar layouts. we're going to go inside this house and show you what one looks like on the inside. we're walking through the front door of this house in the same neighborhood as castro lives, and this is the entrance area or the living room area. most of these houses look like this? >> yes, most of the houses do look like this. they're old houses and stuff. >> built the same time? >> same time. >> marilyn, this is your kitchen area? all the houses lead from the living room into the kitchen? >> exactly. >> usually in the back of these houses marilyn was telling me is a staircase like this one here in her house that directs you downtown to the basement. marilyn, where are we going now? this is your basement. most of these houses have these basements? >> yes, they have old-fashioned basements. >> is it bizarre to know these women were
're trying -- who is the guy who went out? >> his name is ariel castro. >> okay, how old is he? >> he's like 52. and i'm amanda berry. i've been on the news for the last ten years. >> okay, i got that, dear. and you say what was his name again? >> ariel castro. >> and is he white, black or hispanic? >> hispanic. >> what's he wearing? >> i don't know 'cause he's not here right now. that's why i ran away. >> when he left, what was he wearing? >> who knows. >> the police are on the way. talk to them when they get there. >> i need -- okay. >> i told you they're on the way. talk to them when they get there. >> all right, okay. bye. >> wow. police say the top priority is well-being of the three women now back with their families. investigators questioned them briefly last night, fbi experts noon talk with them more in-depth today. in a news conference this morning, authorities on the scene said they never stopped following leads in the missing persons cases over these many years. they described the emotion of finding the three women alive. >> there's a law enforcement person, and i know everybody
of the neighbors that live on that street. >> reporter: seems no one suspected ariel castro and his two brothers, pedro and onil would be accused of abducting holding three women hostage for nearly a decade. the first insights into who castro is, emerging who wrote on his job application form, "i enjoy working with children. " ariel castro was known to cops, in fact, in 2004, police came to his house after castro who worked as a bus driver was accused of leaving a student on the bus and cursing at the student. no one opened the door. castro was later suspended the first of several suspensions that ultimately ended with his firing in 2012, raising the question did authorities miss key opportunities to rescue the women. ariel castro's brother-in-law, says castro kept his home off-limits. when you say private what do you mean? >> never have anybody come over. >> reporter: we learned that castro's only daughter, arlene, was friends with one of the girls abducted, gina dejesus. and told "america's most wanted," she was the last to see gina. >> decided to call my mom and ask her. so she gave me 50 cen
belongs to berry was also rescued. the house belongs to this man, 512-year-old ariel castro, who is in custody today along with his older brother, pedro, and younger brother o'neil. my cnn colleague martin savidge is following every new development, and i'm joined here in phoenix by hln's nancy grace. i want to start with you, marty, if i can. let's get right to the latest in what's going on. they had a news conference this morning, but are they really telling us the heart of what happened here? >> no, because there are so many questions. the fbi admit it, the fbi admits it, that they have a lot of the leads. they're glad that these young women have been found after all this time alive and well. how did it happen? how is it that they were targeted? how is it that they were kidnapped? how is it that they were kept in a home on this street for ten years and nobody really seems to know of the horror that was playing out behind the closed doors? that's what authorities want to know today? fbi forensic teams are inside what they say is ten years of evidence to begin building their cas
, the 6-year-old there, is her daughter. police arrested arearial castro -- arariel castro and -- ariel  castro and two brothers. one neighborhood say she noticed a little girl looking out the attic window. just strange to see that and i said he has a daughter. people said no, he doesn't have a wife. >> reporter: they are looking for clues in a case with many unanswered questions. >> the fbi will bring every resource to bring the full weight of justice to bring those responsible in this horrific case. >> reporter: medical attention was really the primary concern yesterday. so the fbi says they are pulling back a little bit of time with their families. but after that, they will want to know exactly what happened inside this house on seymour avenue. back to you. >> and tory, did anyone spot these girls or call police over all of the years they were held captive? >> reporter: you know, it's really interesting because neighbors have a different time line. police say that they are looking into a lot of different calls and trying to figure out if, in fact, they did go to the house. apparentl
to be kidnapped missing for 11 years. we'll hear more about that suspect, ariel castro, who actually helped search for one of the girls, gina dejesus, and comforted her mother and her daughter after her daughter went missing. >> so strange. abc anchor david muir is in cleveland with the latest, good morning, david. >> reporter: fast-moving developments, george and elizabeth. those three suspects are expected to be arraigned in the courthouse behind me today. authorities overnight telling me they plan to begin questioning those suspects today, as well. and amanda berry, we all know her voice, that frantic call to 911 that set the whole thing in motion, this morning we hear her voice again, in a very different phone call. overnight an emotional recording far different from amanda berry's frantic call to 911. >> i'm here, i'm free now. >> reporter: this time amanda was on one end of the line, her grandmother in tennessee on the other. her first phone call to grandma fern. >> i'm glad to have you back. >> i know. i'm glad to be back. >> i thought you were gone. >> nope, i'm here. >> i love you, honey.
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